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51 Yarns Spinalong Project

Since November a group of our Spinners have been enjoying participating in an ongoing, monthly spinalong project utilising the book "51 Yarns to Spin Before you Cast Off" by Jacey Boggs Faulkner as inspiration for learning and improving their spinning skills and techniques in a fun way.

Two numbers from the book are picked randomly each month and the spinners focus on producing samples or fulfilling the challenges outlined under those two numbers.

To date they have completed the following monthly spinalong challenges from the book. Resulting samples of these were displayed at our recent Friendship Day. There was a lot of interest in this display from visitors.

November 2023: 4 Down 28 Fractal

December 2023: 32 Butts 33 Tips

January 2024: 1 Fine Wool, 44 Tweed

February 2024: 14 Luury, 36 Self Processed

March 2024: 20 Five Ply, 24 Corespun, 48 Spin at Event

Many thanks to Sam for the original idea, doing the random number picking and inspiring and motivating us to participate in this enjoyable, non competitive, ongoing monthly spinalong it provides a great focus for improving and learning.

We are looking forward to receiving the 51 Yarns topics for April soon!

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