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Three lovely old Spinning Wheels available

The Guild have three lovely old spinning wheels looking for a new home. All available for a donation to the Guild. Pictured in order of description.

The first one is a Saxony style Westbury wheel with a double drive wheel in working order has 3 bobbins.

The second is a smaller upright Castle Style wheel in working order. Has 3 bobbins.

The third is a hand made Saxony style wheel with a double drive and distaff. This wheel named "Big Bertha", has recently had some restorative work done by a member and has had her wood rubbed down and oiled, a new drive band fitted and new hooks on her flyer. Has one bobbin. She spins well but could do with a screw in her mother of all to stop wobble - the wobble is currently rectified by lashing the mother of all to the back of the wheel and she spins just fine but aesthetically and as a more permanent fix, you might want to fit some screws.

You are welcome to arrange viewing and trying them out. These are older style wheels and are most suitable for someone who already has a bit of spinning experience.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in any of them.

If you need more bobbins for these wheels (or any others), we have a contact in Wentwood Forest that can make them as long as he has one to use as a pattern.

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